Panopto Course Videos for Video Content, including Zoom recordings

Panopto, previously called Course Videos, now appears in the navigation of most Canvas courses as Panopto Course Videos. Zoom meetings scheduled through Canvas will automatically display any Zoom recordings in Panopto beginning September 12.  Learn more about Panopto.

Taking Your Class Online

Please see our blog for tips on How to Use Canvas for Teaching If Your Class Can’t Meet In-Person

Visit the Stanford Teaching Commons website for additional resources for teaching online. The Teaching Commons site includes tips for getting started with online teaching, best practices, strategies for online course planning , ideas for a variety of class activities to build community and enhance engagement, suggestions for how to provide feedback and do assessments online, and how to get help when you need it.

Check out our “Teaching with Canvas” self-paced, tutorial course if you’d like to learn more about how Canvas can enhance online teaching and learning. You’ll find examples from Stanford Canvas courses to help inspire you and Canvas templates to get you up and running quickly with your own course.

The Canvas Student Center is a self-paced, tutorial course for students to help them  get the information they need to use Canvas more effectively and efficiently.


Instructor Tips